A Career in Gaming | StartUP FIU WEST KENDALL

A Career in Gaming | StartUP FIU WEST KENDALL

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Have you ever considered a career in the gaming industry but don’t know where to get started?

The United States gaming industry generated revenues of roughly 19.9 billion, in 2016. The worldwide market is projected to grow from an estimated 1.72 trillion dollars to 2.14 trillion in the next five years. With professional esports gamers banking an average salary of around $97,00 you can tell your mom that gaming is an excellent and viable career choice for you.

Join StartUP FIU WEST KENDALL and industry experts to explore career opportunities in the gaming industry. The event will feature talks from leaders in the industry, who will give you their insight in:

Professional gaming

Game develment


Software development

Meet our panel:

Danny “fRoD” Montaner – Pro gamer for over 10 years, winner of multiple world championships, esports player of the year in 2005, North American counter strike player of the decade, considered one of the best AWP’s (snipers) in Counter-Strike history with the best statistics, and franchise player on DirecTV’s championship gaming series.

Fu Shark – Fu has over eight years experience as a freelance digital artist with focus in illustration and animation. He is currently Creative Director for Game Trep, an organization devoted to the growth of the local gaming ecosystem in South Florida.

Pedro Guerra – Pedro is the founder of Miami based independent game development company Good War Games. Good War Games produces 2D style PC games, mobile games, and virtual reality games. While not making games, Pedro is a strong voice in the Miami game development community helping establish several game development communities such as Make Games Miami and Unreal Florida.

Alex Batista – FIU End Point Technician by day, gameplay programmer at Good War Games by night. Alex is a self-taught programmer with language concentrations of C++ and Python. Alex has built a wide range of games including Wasabi Demo, Hyperbae, Gacu-Brawl Demo and is currently working on an unannounced project.

Why focus on gaming?

Gaming is one of StartUP FIU WEST KENDALL’s core pillars for its role in the 4th Industrial Revolution. As an industry, gaming continues to change the way in which we learn, interact and play. Professional gaming’s rapid growth over the last 20 years has drawn a lot of attention and began to legitimize the industry. By 2020, the ESports Industry is expected to be valued at $1.5 billion. In 2016, there were 4,122 tournaments with total prize money equivalent to $95.3 million and the top pro players made salaries of over $300K.

The gaming industry is increasingly gaining a role in our society, especially when combined with disruptive technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The gaming industry is an evolving industry that will continue to impact our lives.

Working within the gaming industry encompasses game design, software developing, amination, professional gaming and much more. The industry, th

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