GACUCon #GameJam4Good (Online Game Jam for Charity)

GACUCon #GameJam4Good (Online Game Jam for Charity)

The GaCuCon #GameJam4Good is a series of online game jams and fundraisers for charity combined! Join our newsletter here Info on the Game Jams, join teams of devs, find members, etc.

We love gaming and support game devs in everything we do so we’re hosting a gamejam that also helps gamers in need!

This is a Game Jam for good! Basically while we’re all having fun making games together online we’ll also be helping out raise some money for charity!

Donations during the gamejam will go directly to our partnered game related charities and in the end you can also donate your work with us over a few game jams to help do a final fundraiser each year by making a GaCuCon Game Jam for Good arcade collection. 100% of the profit goes to the charities we work with, we don’t keep a cent!

So join us! Do what you love while being a part of something doing good for others with games and game development!