Game Marketing & Virtual Reality with Nick Calandra of Gameumentary

Game Marketing & Virtual Reality with Nick Calandra of Gameumentary

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Gaming: Marketing & Virtual Reality
So you have developed this awesome game… now what? How can you market your game and get some airtime with the press? Nick Calandra, owner & lead interviewer of Gameumentary, and former owner of OnlySP gaming news site will be presenting letting you guys know how to get your indie game in front of the press. After Nick gives us some insight, you won’t want to miss, Helm System’s hands on demonstration with the newest & unreleased SoulKeeper VR content. Schedule of Events:
7:00 – Nick Calandra; How to get your indie game in front of the press
8:00 – Helm System’s hands-on demonstration with SoulKeeper

February 23, 2017

What is #MakeGamesMiami?
#MakeGamesMiami is Gametrep’s coordinated campaign to help strengthen the emerging game industry in South Florida! #MakeGamesMiami is an all inclusive effort for all groups pointed towards this goal as well, and is the spring board for all things game in one place! Current community groups include: -Florida Game Developers Association, International Game Developer Association, Miami Game Developers Meetup, Miami Game Meetup – MAD Games Mixer, Miami-Dade College, University of Miami, Florida International University. What is Helm Systems?
Helm Systems is an interactive software & entertainment development studio, located in the sunny Southeast Florida. Founded in 2005, they have been around long enough to be featured in mainstream online and printed press, receive award nominations, build proprietary technologies, and apply their interactive software development skills in multiple industries. Their biggest passion is to bring their customers the most innovative, qualitative interactive entertainment, while utilizing the newest and most advanced technologies. Why focus on gaming?
Gaming is one of StartUP FIU WEST KENDALL’s core pillars for its role in the 4th Industrial Revolution.
The gaming industry is increasingly gaining a role in our society, especially when combined with disruptive technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The gaming industry is an evolving industry that will continue to impact our lives and change the way in which we learn, interact and play together.

Working within the gaming industry encompasses game design, software developing, amination, professional gaming, project management, business development and much more. The industry, therefore, demands a variety of individuals with different core skill sets and expertise.

Our goal at StartUP FIU WEST KENDALL is to give the South Florida community the knowledge and skills to enter the gaming industry. What is StartUP FIU West Kendall?
StartUP FIU West Kendall is committed to the learning, developing and testing of emerging technologies. Open to the community; we host workshops, hold events and have co-working space free of charge. We aim to foster the tech community and create more opportunity within tech in Miami.

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