Unreal Engine & Virtual Reality Discussion Panel

Unreal Engine & Virtual Reality Discussion Panel

Join us on Friday, June 30th, at 7pm at MDC’s MAGIC for a night of discussion on Unreal Engine & Virtual Reality. 

Experienced developers from HELM Systems (The SoulKeeper VR) and The Revera Corporation (Water Planet) will be discussing design, art, programming, audio as well as good and bad practices for VR development.


–  Myron Mortakis: President @ HELM Systems (5 minute introduction)
–  Dima Polyakov: Technical Director HELM Systems
–  Alex Batista: Lead Programmer HELM Systems
–  Pedro Guerra: Lead Game Designer HELM Systems
–  Erich Hess: Lead Technical Artist HELM Systems
–  Wesley Ferino: Lead Animator HELM Systems
–  Albert Ovadia: Technical Lead @ Revera Corporation
–  Elizabeth Ann Clark “VIRGO”: Lead Design @ Revera Corporation
–  Max Getz: Digital Product Designer @ Revera Corporation

-Frank Velazquez: Community Leader MakeGamesMiami Lead & SFL IGDA
-FuShark: 2D Artsit & MakeGamesMiami Organizer
-Myron Mortakis: President @HELM Systems

Map and parking below, make sure to come on out! If you want to chat more with other game devs or share generally interesting things join us on Discord as well to chat between meetups!

</a><a href=”https://discord.gg/RqYhfeX”>https://discord.gg/Ue2Dt


Where: MIami-Dade College MAGIC

When: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Garage parking is close and costs less than $5 usually.