Unreal Florida Developer Meet Up

Unreal Florida Developer Meet Up

Welcome to another month of Unreal Florida Meet Up.

We will begin a series that will span through several meetups and will cover using the Unreal Engine for VR. 

We will start with the basic setup requirements, then continue with more detailed subjects such as game design, blueprints, level design, 3d modeling, rigging, animation and more, all in relation to developing for VR. 

We will also host some discussion panels so you can hear the opinions and insights of experienced developers already working on VR projects with the Unreal Engine.

Most importantly though, throughout this series we will build together with the attendees a small VR project, providing you with a hands-on learning experience in every session that will follow. 

This month we will cover an overview and the very basics of getting started with VR in UE4. 

Whether you are interested in using UE4 for VR games, architectural visualization or any other project, this will be something that can help you.

All levels of expertise and experience are welcome as we tailor these meetups to be helpful to everyone, ranging from someone with no development experience at all, all the way to a seasoned developer. 

Parking: In the Red Parking Garage next to PG6, there is pay by phone parking available in that garage.