Biosupremacy, A Dark Polygon Game

Biosupremacy, A Dark Polygon Game

Biosupremacy, A Dark Polygon Game

Dark Polygon summarizes their story, from the concept creation to their future projects.

After their path from Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, the science fictional game from Chile Biosupremacy is already available on Steam. Biosupremacy tells the story of the last survivor of an alien race who finds the way to escape from one of the evil creatures who is chasing him, created by a multidimensional being to repopulate the universe.

The game has an isometric view and allows you to explore 6 different worlds with a variety of scenarios: deserted, forests and lands covered in flames. The alien protagonist can use 12 different abilities which are acquired as you progress the story.

From Kickstarter to Steam.

The game was written and developed with Unity Engine. Everything started with an idea from the screenwriter Rafael Ventura, who nearly 2 years ago took his idea to his friend Nicolás Fierro, CEO of Dark Polygon. At the beginning the game was just a simulator, but after, they began to add new functions and mechanics and it stayed on which what it is as Biosupremacy. Dark Polygon has created, even a publisher called Jalomot to publish the game, in charge from Ventura.

The decision to launch Biosupremacy on Kickstarter in May of the past year more than gather money, it was taken to promulgate the game and begin to place the name of Dark Polygon like game developers of international level. And even though, they didn’t reach the CAD $38.500, they keep developing the project.

The goal was to be on Steam Greenlight. For that, Nicolás tells, they had to be in a process where they had had to validate Dark Polygon as a studio and demonstrate why Biosupremacy deserved been seeing for all gamers, from the description to the impact of the game.

Finally, they made it and entered to Greenlight on December of 2016. From there they could gather a great deal of information from the players who had been interested in its particular mechanics and ideas.

Biosupremacy is a game that takes you to a different world and gives you a different perspective thanks to it mechanics. The game is starting at $5.99 and you can add $1.99 to get the soundtrack. Don’t take my word for it and play the game.

Dark Polygon now, Humankind a cyberpunk TCG

Dark Polygon is currently working full time in a TCG for PC and mobile devices called Humankind: The Awakening. The illustrations are taking roots on the cyberpunk and on the meta. The game was designed a decade a go by Nicolás Fierro and recently they decided to develop it by digital media with improvement on their mechanics and brand-new cards.


By José M. Puebla.

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