Video Games Thrives in Latin America With Governmental Support

Video Games Thrives in Latin America With Governmental Support

Governmental support for Latin American Studios.

Developers from Chile, Colombia, and Mexico get help from their respective government to participate in conferences like GDC 2017

Fallout Shelter, one of the most popular games from 2015, was developed by the studio Bethesda Softworks from the USA, in collaboration with Behaviour Chile, a Canadian company which has an office in Santiago. There, are working local developers, including the ones from Fallout Shelter, like the associate producer Tomás Enríque and one of the lead artist, Jaime Villa.

Attract the attention from the companies to invest in local talent is what impulse to the representative from Chile, Colombia, and Mexico to participate in GDC 2017, the conference for developers of video games which took place in San Francisco.

The resounding success from Behaviour Chile, accomplished in part thanks to the organization and to video games in that country is what Mexico and Colombia want to emulate.

At this very moment, the Ministry of Economy of Mexico, through the agency which promotes the exportations of national products, ProMexico, has been supporting the developers through invitations of international conferences and promoting titles.

According to ProMexico, the country is the main market for the Latin American business of video games.

Chile is in a position of the worldwide level, thanks to the support of ProChile, a similar agency of ProMexico, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which helps to the developers to travel to fairs like GDC.

Colombia Also was in GDC showing a big deal of talent coming from their local developers. In this case, the developers arrived at San Francisco with the help of the Ministry of Technology and the Ministry of Communications, plus the help of ProColombia (you know the drill).

They went a total of 12 Colombian studios to the fair with the goal of promoting their industry to the world.

Now, with the help of ProColombia, the developers in GDC are trying to get the attention of international investors and from AAA studios like Ubisoft, Bethesda and even from EA, so they can support with creative work to the studios in Bogotá and Medellin.

In a world when you don’t know what is going to happen. When many people don’t know how are they are going to pay the rent for the next of the month, is really good to know that the perfect combination of technology and art a.k.a. video games are being an actual viable option for some people that can handle these types of demands.


By José Manuel Puebla.

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